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Business Coaching Tips - Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan

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Pro-active Strategies

�        Actively look at implementing some of these proactive strategies

�        Supplying better quality goods or over-servicing

�        Ensuring speedy delivery. If a customer orders today by direct mail, they are always impressed if the goods are there the next day. This sets the tone for the entire organization

�        Offering after sales discounts

�        Realigning product development to customer needs. This could take the form of a pro-active questionnaire that asks the customer what they liked and did not like. And then setting a product development plan from this feedback

�        Access to additional services or goods as a reward for being a good customer

�        Follow up with a simple customer service call - "we care about our customer"

�        Supply a bonus gift with the sale

People Strategies

�        A set of guidelines should be developed for anyone who comes in contact with a customer. These guidelines should be backed by a detailed customer service training program. The types of people that typically come in contact with a customer include

�        Receptionist

�        Sales people

�        Technical people

�        Delivery and warehouse people

�        Secretary

�        Telemarketers

�        Accounts

Review what type of customers that you have, the types of issues that these people deal with and look to develop a series of quality guidelines

�        Systems - Implement and monitor the following systems

�        Customer service systems

�        Customer feedback systems

�        Regular training of staff

�        Automated survey

�        Mystery shopper

�        Employee incentive to reward high customer service

�        Automated CRM and access by all staff

Areas of Performance you should review

�        Product quality

�        Delivery

�        Courtesy

�        Professionalism

�        Product knowledge

�        Complaint resolution

�        Ease of doing business

�        Invoicing/Accounts accuracy

�        Responsiveness to enquiries

�        Stock availability

�        After sales service

�        Service versus expected service

Indicators (lagged)

�        Lost customers (churn rate)

�        Average value sale

�        Referrals

�        Average life time value

�        Product returns

�        Complaints

�        Customer re-order frequency

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