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The lessons behind a good customer service program are things we can all stand to learn. When the value of giving is instilled at any age, the rewards in life and at work can be amazing.

As a parent, I've learned the need to translate lessons typically taught at a customer service workshop for my own child. In our household, we value giving greatly and work to uphold this important character trait.

My daughter, Brighten, is adored, admired, praised, encouraged, loved...and perhaps a bit spoiled. Friends and family members bring her an unending stream of books, toys, stuffed animals and other gifts.

Here's the best practice I've seen for handling "toy overload" in your child's playroom. Tell your little one it's time to share 5 or 10 of her current toys with less fortunate children at a nearby orphanage, children's hospital or day-care center.

Let your child pick the toys to give away. Then bring your youngster along to make the actual donations. Let your child see the joy and gratitude in another child's face.

Start early and make it a family tradition. The skill of giving can be learned in a customer service workshop down the road, but it's much more rewarding when the lesson comes early.

Key Learning Points

Let your child experience the generosity and compassion that bring joy and well-being to others. Let her feel service as its own reward. Let her learn early how life gives back to those who give themselves. Treat your child to a hands-on customer service workshop that offers rewards big enough to fill her heart.

Action Steps

Give your child the gift of giving. (And clean up the playroom, too.) This is simply a great way to teach important values that can last a lifetime. When a child learns that service matters, everyone gains a reward.

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