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An efficient customer service program plays backbone to the successful functioning of any business. This goes for the small-scale unit as well as the large multinational bank, insurance company, or mail order firm with a large customer base numbering in the thousands or millions. Customer support means that your enquiries are attended to immediately no matter from which time zone you dial your enquiry.

Call centers are equipped with automatic answering machines, which are already fed with the expected data relevant to your enquiries. The machines act as virtual assistants or receptionists that answer preliminary enquiries. If your enquiry requires a more detailed or specific answer, the machines take your messages and store them for answers by the office representatives.

For example, if you need to know your account balance, you just submit your identification information and the answering machine instantly calls out your balance and thanks you for making the enquiry. If you want a detailed answer, these machines are aided by operators to further monitor and route the calls to the concerned specialist with telephones or headsets hooked to the computer interface as also to a large telecom switch and one or more supervisor stations.

The call may also be linked to a corporate data network.

Voice and data pathways into call centers are increasingly being linked through a set of new technologies. The telephone operation is becoming so efficiently integrated with the data fed into the computer, that the enquiries of many customers are answered without any interruption. Besides dialing up your enquiries, you can also use Internet messaging or chatting services or send emails to the call offices. If your enquiries are not answered to your satisfaction immediately, detailed information is provided to you by emails.

The staff of a call center is usually organized in tiers. Each level of tier operator is more skilled and better equipped to service the customer enquires than the previous level. If the lower tier operator cannot handle the calls adequately, it is referred to the higher up operator.

Looking for a Customer Service Program?
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