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The telephone is still a key method of communication & thus proper telephone techniques an important part of a top-notch business. On a phone call the only impression a customer gets is that of your voice and the manner in which you speak. In order to project the most positive & friendly image one should follow the simple customer service program tips below.

Make sure to be prepared for all calls and have a positive attitude. Smile, the customer can't see you but they will hear it in your voice & if it's appropriate use your name.

When receiving a call make sure to respond within 2 to 3 rings and answer with an established greeting. Be polite, professional & write down the caller’s name immediately.

Always know your boundaries - you do not want to offend your customer.

When placing a customer on hold, be sure to ask for permission to do so and wait for a response. If in doubt about a response to any question or concern a customer has, place them on hold and take action to find the response. Be sure to thank your customer for holding and if they are on hold for over 30 seconds, keep checking back with them.

When transferring a call inform the customer that you are doing so. Before transferring a call, provide the customer with the direct number and name of the person you are transferring them to. Finally, be sure to stay on the line and introduce the caller.

Take meaningful messages that include the date, time and callers full name. Include the name of the person who took down the initial call. Write down the message clearly & concisely and explain to the caller the action you plan to take.

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied and confident in your businesses capabilities.

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