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Over the years I have used thank you's to cultivate more fertile ground for business. Although not everyone mines for gold this way there are many who understand the value of being pleasant and letting everyone know who you are and what you do. When you leave a tip after a good dinner you are thanking them for good service. When you leave your tip and your business card you are thanking them and offering the same good service in return. This technique has proven to serve me well. I sell real estate in Metro Detroit. I was asked to speak with my friend, Dave Beson, at an event in Atlanta Georgia. The host was paying for dinner but I asked if he would mind if I left my card. I wrote a quick thank you on the back. The waiter was originally from Metro Detroit and ultimately referred two clients that turned into sales.

When I had a listing appointment and knew that the homeowner was also interviewing another agent I would have a hot pie delivered during their interview. This led to a thank you of another kind. The competing agent from the night before would call and say "Hey Ralph I didn't get the listing but I appreciate the pie. Next time the pie will be from me!"

Olivia Barker wrote in USA Today that, “Today, when gratitude is expressed in writing, it's often done grudgingly, as obligation rather than art.” The trend is a reflection of how Americans' short attention spans and electronically wired lives -- combined with a diminished mindfulness of etiquette -- have made the United States, well, a pretty ungrateful nation.

We live in a time when we are too busy to notice or we take things and people for granted. Thank you's just aren't said enough. Recently I have discovered the pure joy of receiving and sending the unexpected genuine thank you.

I received a delivery one day. I went out to greet the driver and a few of my office staff helped unload the truck. We couldn't get the boxes open quick enough. We took pictures and we included the driver in the fun. He went on his way and I never gave it another thought until I received a letter from his wife. She took a long time to personally write me and tell me how much that visit had impacted her husband.

Calling the boss to complain seems to be the thing to do however, we rarely make it a point to call and tell them what a great job their employee did. We need to recognize someone's great customer service and what better way than to send a thank you to their boss.

I send old 45's with an appropriate message as a fun and inexpensive way to let the person know that I appreciate what they do. Imagine "What a wonderful World" by Sam Cooke arriving in the mail can for someone's day.

I now have the exciting problem of getting thankyou's for my thankyou's. It has turned into a great fun.

“Thank you” may not lead to world peace but it certainly will cast long rays of goodwill to people who do their part each day. It’s not a standard part of customer service training, but it should be.

I challenge you to figure out creative way to say thank you! Remember add your personality and be sincere. Get ready to be amazed by the reception!

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