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Reasons to Use an Automated Appointment Reminder

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Communication has dramatically evolved to address the complex needs of consumers, professionals, and businesses of all types. Indeed, the use of technology-mediated communications has become an essential part of many healthcare settings particularly in medical offices, hospitals and wellness centers. With the growing number of patients needing urgent medical care, traditional appointment systems that previously were sufficient may no longer be efficient and effective in handling medical inquiries and keeping track of patient appointments. Written appointment reminders and confirmations have been replaced by automated appointed reminders to make communication more collaborative, improve workflow and productivity, and substantially strengthen doctor-patient relations. In order to highlight the importance of an automated appointment reminder in the healthcare industry, here are a few of the major benefits of the software.

A reliable appointment reminder reduces no show rates among patients through convenient and optimized patient communication.

These tools are primarily designed to address the problem of patient "no shows" which are a serious drain on revenue and medical resources. They are also used to remind patients to make an appointment for follow-up visits. Unfortunately, one of the key reasons patients miss scheduled medical appointments is because they forget. Reliable reminder systems offer an expedient solution to this problem. These tools deliver timely notifications to patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment and enable medical offices to obtain direct feedbacks from patients.

It significantly increases patient satisfactions through in time information and reduced wait times.

Since the key purpose of an automated appointment reminder system is to send reminders to patients before the scheduled appointment or check-up, it does not only prevent missed appointments but it also reduces wait times. With this function, patients can notify the healthcare facility before the scheduled time if they cannot attend a consultation or a medical exam. The primary advantage is that it not only helps track patients’ cancellations and confirmations but it also enables the doctor to fill in cancelled appointments instantly. Hence, other patients on the waiting list can take the available spots.

Today's healthcare consumers are increasingly becoming more demanding. Longer waiting times especially in a medical practice annoy patients and might adversely affect the reputation of your team. Apparently, speed is one of the most influential factors in patient satisfaction. Reducing wait times through the use of appointment reminders can reduce patient frustration and result in greater patient loyalty.

It improves staff productivity by greatly reducing the need for labor-intensive administrative tasks.

It has been shown that medical assistants spend the majority of their time performing administrative tasks such as scheduling consultation sessions, performing routine calls, and notifying patients of their upcoming appointments.

Increased staff productivity is one of the most significant customer service training benefits of utilizing an automatic appointment reminder tool. In fact, with the advent of this technological innovation, doctors and staff members are now able to work efficiently and spend more time on healthcare-related tasks and issues. This, in turn, allows medical practices to improve staff performance and deliver improved health outcomes.

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