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People want experts: toot your horn
and hook them on what you have to say.

Experts will give advice freely but will not give away the farm in the process. Most experts like to share their knowledge with others. If you want to be an expert then the more information (that is, useful information) you provide, the more people will come back to your website. You need to have a hook that has them coming back for more. Ask them what they want, ask for feedback and then follow up on the feedback. Let them know you are listening to what they have to say. Good listening is the heart of successful customer service programs. Print their rebuttals in your next newsletter. Have them use your BLOG. Always respond and keep the information up-to-date. They will tell everyone they know that they were published on your site.

Keep them coming back by having your audience contribute to your newsletter. Every time you send out a message that you are looking for articles, providing you ask in the correct forums, you will get a good response. Join newsgroups that have writers and let them know that you are putting together electronic information and want to have contributions on a specific subject. You may opt to pay or not to pay for the publishing, depending on your focus. You will not be disappointed with the response.

After all, you can either do all the writing yourself, or you can lessen your load by having other writers. Take a look at the writers market. They have listings of all kinds of eMedia that are looking for articles. Get your company listed in their directory. If you offer pay, your response will be higher than if you do not.

Get people interested in what they read, give them a place to send rebuttals and to contribute to your newsletters, etc.

Looking for Customer Service Programs?
Register for our Exceptional Customer Service program today

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