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In your heart you appreciate your clients. You hope they feel it from you. In reality, it's probably one more thing on your, "I'll get to it" list. You need a plan in place so the things in your heart are not forgotten. It doesn't have to be big things. Sometimes the little things are the most meaningful, like creating a customer service program.

You probably put a lot of effort into marketing to gain more clients. Whether it is through networking, newsletters, or paid advertising, you have to let prospects know about you to grow your business. An important part of your marketing plan should be to keep the clients you have. A customer service program and a client appreciation plan are keys to client retention.

The only reason to appreciate clients is because you sincerely appreciate their business. This can't be a marketing ploy where you shamelessly plug your business at the last minute. It can't be about making you or your business look good. It has to be about your client. The ironic thing is - when you make it about your clients it does make you look good and it is good customer service program.

You will probably find that you are already doing a customer service program to show your clients you love them. You might shake hands or give hugs to your clients. Perhaps you are great at handing out compliments. Maybe you go above and beyond in service to your clients. These things that come naturally to you are a vital piece of endearing your clients to you.

The place most businesses get stuck is in gift giving. It can be hard to pick an appropriate, meaningful client gift. The key is to pick something that reflects your customer service program while also personalizing it to the client.

In order to touch your client's heart you need to really know them on a personal level. What is important to them? What are their favorite things? The easiest way to do this is to make a customer service program a part of the intake process.

Incorporating a customer service program into your interactions with clients and potential clients will make them say, "Wow!" It will set you apart and help you develop a relationship with your clients. As they get to know, like and trust you, they will be more likely to do business with you and stay a loyal client for the long haul.

Here is another thing that naturally happens when you truly appreciate your clients - they start talking about you behind your back... in a good way. They post it on Facebook. They tweet about it. They put it on Pinterest. Suddenly you have free advertising and your business grows by word of mouth. And when someone asks them if they know someone who does what you do, they will tell their friends about your customer service program.


Looking for a Customer Service Program?
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