Employees in every level of an organization are increasingly relied on to provide the front lines of customer service in today’s competitive business environment. Lowered barriers of entry, technological advances and increases in productivity have enabled start-ups and foreign competitors to push established companies to improve customer satisfaction. Non-supervisory personnel have thus been required to shoulder more responsibility in the quest to maintain market share while new sales efforts drive growth and profitability. The awareness and desire to provide customer service is no longer good enough. Companies must now seek to deliver customer service in a rational and organized manner that takes into account existing market factors. Our Customer Service Effectiveness for Non-Supervisory Personnel program provides the tools and concepts required to deliver customer service that works and ensures true satisfaction.

The focus of Customer Service Effectiveness for Non-Supervisory Personnel is to help the employees tasked with running every facet of an organization to deliver effective customer service. Key to the program is the ability to think proactively and to identify issues and customer “hot buttons” in order to properly recommend solutions and provide effective problem resolution. By using a rational process that teaches participants how to understand customer behavior, non-supervisory personnel can keep from getting blindsided by issues that escalate out of control. Customer Service Effectiveness for Non-Supervisory Personnel is an interactive eight-hour seminar designed to maximize classroom time. Lecture sessions, peer-driven discussions, question and answer sessions and customer service oriented role-plays enable participants to put newly learned skills to use. A series of audio taped and digitally recorded exercises allow participants to practice skills in a safe and non-critical environment while understanding how modifications in their behavior cab provide more effective customer service. Discussions on customer verbal cues, innate needs and the factors that affect behavior enable participants to build rapport and strengthen customer ties.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in our Customer Service skills seminar will learn to:

  • Use time-tested approaches to provide more effective customer service
  • Listen for verbal cues to understand customer behavioral types
  • Understand how to communicate more effectively based on customer needs
  • Use customer service skills to strengthen relationships
  • Deal with all interactions in a customer service-oriented manner
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Acknowledge customer concerns
  • Handle the most demanding customers
  • Manage unreasonable expectations and requests
  • Effectively handle complaints and customer satisfaction issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy customers
  • Become part of a service-oriented culture within their company

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