Recent corporate scandals and allegations of financial impropriety have resulted in a greater need for internal auditors to ensure that organizations are handling their operations in an ethical and appropriate manner. Due to the gravity of implications of wrongdoing and the legal consequences that can result from financial impropriety, it is clearer than ever that Internal Auditors play a vital role in all public and private organizations. As is often the case, Internal Auditors often must deal with uncooperative employees who fear that their discussions and actions may threaten their careers and financial well-being. These employees must be seen as internal customers whose needs are no different than the external customers a company serves. The ability to gain cooperation from peers and coworkers while conducting an audit is critical to ensuring the success of the task at hand. Truly, the only effective way to gain cooperation is to put into practice time-tested customer service skills that build relationships and elicit cooperation from all parties involved in an audit. Our Customer Service Training for Internal Auditors program is designed to enable auditors to perform their job effectively while ensuring that interactions are conducted in a positive and productive manner.

Customer Service Training for Internal Auditors is an eight-hour program designed to teach essential customer service skills to those who must deal with an often reticent and uncooperative “customer base.” Our seminar will enable participants to conduct an audit in a manner that minimizes conflict and elicits internal cooperation by focusing on the service-oriented concepts of building rapport, establishing trust and ensuring customer satisfaction during difficult situations. Interactive exercises on understanding customer needs and drivers, stress factors and motivators will provide unique insight into the ways to defuse conflict during the audit process. The learning environment is shaped by peer-driven discussions and question and answer sessions that allow participants to learn from the experiences of other internal auditors. By utilizing four audio taped and four digitally recorded exercises, participants will put to use time-tested customer service tools and receive immediate feedback from peers and the instructor. As a result, internal auditors who attend this program will be able to effectively conduct an audit while maintaining and strengthening internal customer satisfaction.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Gain cooperation when conducting an internal audit
  • Understand what drives internal customer apprehension
  • Recognize the motivators that affect internal customer behavior
  • Reassure internal customers and allay concerns of reprisals
  • Fulfill internal customer needs to defuse fragile situations
  • Handle discussions in a customer service-oriented manner
  • Build internal customer relationships
  • Foster trust and gain cooperation
  • Handle the most uncooperative internal customers
  • Manage unreasonable requirements and constraints
  • Handle complaints and internal satisfaction issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Turn negative situations into positive experiences

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