Local medical centers play an important role for the communities in which they are located. Patients and their family members look to medical centers to provide valuable services such as diagnostic testing, emergency care, sports medicine, women’s services and surgical services. Yet, visits to a medical center can be stressful for both patients and family members as many trips are related to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury. Factors such as patient check-in and discharge, insurance coverage issues, billing and the need to receive personalized attention can quickly turn a casual visit to a medical center into a poor customer experience. Medical center employees are called upon take particular care and effort to provide customer service that takes into account these stress factors. Our Medical Center Customer Service Training offers tools that enable employees to understand how individual needs affect human behavior and how fulfilling those needs can lead to outstanding customer service.

Medical Centers seek to make their customers feel comfortable and informed about all planned or unforeseen medical visits. Placing the customer first in all situations alleviates the intimidation and discomfort many feel simply by setting foot inside a medical facility. Our one-day Medical Center Customer Service Training program teaches any medical center employees and administrative staff the ability to diminish stress factors and provide proactive care according to individual needs. These skills are practiced and critiqued in over four (4) digitally recorded and four (4) audiotaped exercises. The learning environment is shaped by external forces and individual participant experiences and real-life discussions. Learning the skills to put oneself in a patient’s shoes, provide timely resolution to situations that affect customer satisfaction and following through on customer needs are all taught in this program. Participants who attend Medical Center Customer Service Training will learn the methods required to ensure that every medical center patient and visitor leaves as a satisfied and long-term customer.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Practice exercises which teach how to deal with difficult clients, customers, visitors, and patients
  • Identify and handle unreasonable expectations and how to deal with them
  • Learn and practice ��..s and family members on medical center services
  • Patiently guide patients and family members through check-in and discharge paperwork
  • Actively acknowledge customer concerns
  • Effectively handle all complaints
  • Act proactively rather than reactively in your dealing with visitors to the center
  • Show empathy
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy customers
  • Work effectively with other staff members to deal with patient concerns
  • Provide exceptional customer service for patients and all visitors

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