As companies grow and product and service offerings increase, the ability to build and maintain an effective customer service organization has become critical to an organization’s success. Developing call centers for inbound and outbound activities, providing real-time feedback for online customers and managing the needs to long-term customers are an example of the types of customer service programs an organization needs to consider. Efforts must be developed and guided based on a thorough analysis of customer needs and their effect on the bottom line. Our Customer Service Program Development Training program enables participants to build and promote high-quality customer service efforts via a systematic approach to program development.

Utilizing an organized yet highly interactive environment, Customer Service Program Development Training seminar enables managers, supervisors and trainers to understand their customer service needs before rolling out an internal customer service program. Once current needs and identified, participants can begin the process of developing a systematic customer service program that drives customer satisfaction. One of the key concepts that influence a program’s effectiveness is a process that teaches participants and their staff how to understand customer behavior and motivators. This time-tested process can be used in both inbound and outbound customer service organizations for account maintenance, marketing and sales-focused activities. Customer Service Program Development Training is a fast-paced eight-hour program. Participants are able to learn and practice skills via a series of audio taped and digitally recorded exercises. Peer-driven discussions enable participants to receive immediate feedback and suggestions based on current examples and customer situations. Additional time is spent analyzing how key customer service concepts can be integrated into the development of an organization’s new customer service program. Once these concepts are learned and put into place, customer service activities can be directed in an effective manner and satisfaction will increase with every customer interaction.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Understand their existing customer needs
  • Determine what activities will impact customer satisfaction
  • Build the framework for the development of a customer service program
  • Strengthen relationships with key customer accounts
  • Understand customer needs and how they affect customer behavior
  • Use service concepts to build an effective program for their organization
  • Deal with all interactions in a customer service-oriented manner
  • Build rapport with prospects and customers
  • Acknowledge customer concerns
  • Handle the most demanding customers and prospects
  • Effectively handle complaints and customer satisfaction issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy customers
  • Imbue a service-oriented culture within their organization
  • Reward employees for effectively driving customer satisfaction

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