Customers in today’s business environment have become conditioned to expect superior customer service at every level of an organization. Factors such as increased competition, a more technically-savvy public and the growing insistence on immediate gratification are causing more customers to escalate customer services issues all the way to America’s executive offices. Directors, Vice Presidents and even Chief Executive Officers are now finding themselves in a position to have to resolve more delicate situations when a key customer is demanding problem resolution. Our Executive Customer Service Training program is designed to provide corporate decision-makers with the key skills required to ensure that customer concerns are alleviated and to foster a customer satisfaction-driven culture in all levels of an organization. The ability to understand customer behavior and fill individual customer needs is tantamount to maintaining long-term relationships with your most important customers.

Executives are called upon by their customers, employees and shareholders to increase market share and to sustain corporate profits. Negative customer situations, regardless of size, have a direct effect on whether a company continues to thrive or whether other competitors will take over accounts that have received poor customer service. Executive Customer Service Training is focused on your greatest needs – building relationships with your existing customers and tapping into new opportunities for business within your established client base. Our accelerated, management-focused program is designed to help executives learn the key skills to deliver superior customer service via eight digitally recorded and audio taped exercises. Roundtable discussions will allow participants to discuss personal experiences so as to aid the learning process. Learning the skills to put oneself in a customer’s shoes, provide timely resolution to situations that affect customer satisfaction and following through on customer needs are all taught in this session. Executives who attend Executive Customer Service Training will learn the methods required to ensure that every customer satisfaction situation will result in a satisfied and long-term customer.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Accommodate the most demanding customers
  • Handle unreasonable expectations or requirements
  • Educate customers on corporate services
  • Guide customers through the problem resolution process
  • Acknowledge customer concerns
  • Effectively handle all complaints
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Show empathy
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy customers
  • Work with all levels of an organization to alleviate customer concerns
  • Provide exceptional customer service and cement long-term relationships

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