Sales trainers play a vital role in equipping a company’s sales force with the tools to exploit sales territories and accounts to drive the bottom line. New sales reps look to sales trainers to provide timely advice and insight on the different strategies they can employ to tap into the various opportunities within their territories. Given the importance of their role, sales trainers must ensure that any sales training curriculum spends a considerable amount of time discussing customer service concepts and how sales reps can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen relationships. Our Customer Service Techniques for Sales Trainers teaches these concepts to participants who are tasked with developing and strengthening a company’s high-performance sales organization.

The ability to integrate essential customer service concepts is key to any sales training program in today’s competitive landscape. Our Customer Service Techniques for Sales Trainers program takes into account the roles that sales trainers play and the types of programs and materials they are likely to deliver in the course of ramping up a sales force. Sales Trainers will learn to understand and utilize various tools that ensure customer satisfaction and protect customer accounts from competitive pressures. A considerable amount of time is spent understanding customer behavioral types and how motivators and stress factors shape the way a customer reacts during an interaction. Building upon the behavioral study, participants will then focus on understanding how to handle nearly any situation, including unreasonable and dissatisfied customers who demand immediate customer service. Eight audio taped and digitally recorded exercises are used to reinforce the learning process and to help sales trainers practice skills in the classroom environment. Participant-driven discussions also enable sales trainers to learn from each other on how to effectively provide knowledge transfer on customer service.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Understand their role in providing customer service knowledge transfer
  • Determine how to integrate customer service-oriented concepts into curriculum
  • Evaluate a customer’s needs and stress factors
  • Understand these needs and how they affect customer behavior and interactions
  • Determine what individual actions will impact customer satisfaction
  • Deal with all interactions in a customer service-oriented manner
  • Build rapport with new and long-time customers
  • Acknowledge customer concerns
  • Handle the most demanding customers and difficult complaints
  • Effectively customer satisfaction issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Stress the importance of customer service to the bottom line
  • Promote a customer service-driven credo to new and experienced sales reps

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