Technical Sales Representatives all face the daunting task of managing increasingly competitive territories in order to make quarterly and annual numbers. Furthermore, a great deal of effort is required for sales representatives to understand the complex products they represent to their customer base. OEMs, value added resellers and other sales organizations often play catch-up simply trying to grasp the products they sell on a daily basis. The last thing a sales representative needs is to worry about whether their existing customer base will be eroded via upstart competitors or larger and stronger corporations. Customer Service Skills Planning for Technical Sales Representatives is designed to equip participants with the tools and processes to build a customer service plan and implement it on a daily basis with little additional effort. Once a plan is in place, sales representatives can focus on driving numbers and making “club” while knowing that any unforeseen circumstances or customer problems can be managed effectively.

Our Customer Service Skills Planning for Technical Sales Representatives offers an organized yet highly interactive environment that enables sales representatives to take a step back to understand their existing customer service processes. Once their current processes are benchmarked, participants can begin the process of building a thought-out customer service strategy that drives satisfaction while enabling them to focus on sales activities. One of the key concepts is a process that teaches how to understand customer behavior and motivators. This process has proven invaluable to sales representatives as it can be used in both prospecting and account management activities. Customer Service Skills Planning for Technical Sales Representatives is a full day program. Skills are practiced and critiqued via four audio taped and four digitally recorded exercises that allow a safe environment to practice and hone the concepts taught. Peer-driven discussions also enable participants to receive immediate feedback and suggestions based on current examples and customer situations. Once these skills are learned and put into place, territories can be strengthened as customer service satisfaction is placed in the center of all sales and post-sales activities.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Strengthen relationships within their most important accounts
  • Recognize verbal cues and hot buttons
  • Understand customer needs and how they affect customer behavior
  • Use customer service skills to drive revenue at customer sites
  • Deal with all sales-centered interactions in a customer service-oriented manner
  • Build rapport with prospects and customers
  • Acknowledge customer concerns
  • Handle the most demanding customers and prospects
  • Effectively handle complaints and customer satisfaction issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy customers
  • Work with sales support staff to stress customer service

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