Patients in a hospital, regardless of whether they must visit for minor injuries, sickness or major surgery, often face a great deal of stress simply due to the environment in which they find themselves. For some patients, simply setting foot inside a medical facility or a doctor’s office can lead to such high levels of anxiety that recovery times are often prolonged. Nurses are relied on by hospitals, medical centers and the physicians with which they work to provide a nurturing, understanding and caring environment that will provide the greatest amount of compassionate customer service for their patients. The ability to empathize with a patient and to provide a gentle “beside manner” can have a profound effect on whether a patient will remember a hospital stay as a positive or a negative customer service experience. Our Customer Service Skills Training for Nurses program delivers proven customer service tools that provide insight into human behavior, motivators and stress factors and will enable any hospital or doctor’s office nurse to provide long-term customer satisfaction to their patients.

Nurses are relied upon by their customers to provide comfort and compassion when patients, usually due to uncontrollable factors and unplanned emergencies, find themselves in a hospital or doctor’s office. Our Customer Service Skills Training for Nurses program teaches nurses the ability to recognize patient behavioral styles, deal with patient emotions and fears and respond according to individual patient needs. These skills are practiced and reviewed collectively through a total of eight digitally recorded and audio taped exercises. The classroom experience is shaped by individual participant experiences based on real-life examples and discussions. Acquiring the skills to see issues from a patient’s perspective, build positive “chemistry” and create situations that provide comfort and as patients go through the healing process are all taught in this program. Nurses who attend Customer Service Skills Training for Nurses will learn skills proven to ensure that every patient they meet leaves the hospital or doctor’s office as a satisfied customer.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the customer service skills training seminar will learn to:

  • Provide exceptional customer service for patients and their loved ones
  • Reinforce your hospital’s or doctor’s reputation by providing a positive experience
  • Practice and learn how to handle difficult or unreasonable patients
  • Deal with patient emotions
  • Educate patients on the role they play in the healing process
  • Acknowledge patient and family member concerns
  • Effectively handle all complaints and customer service issues
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Show empathy
  • Gain cooperation from unhappy patients and loved ones
  • Work effectively with other nurses and staff when dealing with patient concerns

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