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specializes in helping reps and manager develop critical customer service skills through powerful programs and classes.

Customer Service Training Programs

To maximize your customer service team’s effectiveness, we suggest our custom, private customer service training seminars offered in house at the location of your choice, usually in groups of 6 or more.

  • Recognize and respond to customer needs
  • Strengthen relationships by resolving - or avoiding - conflict
  • Build chemistry by understanding different behavioral styles
  • Recommend solutions to increase the size of the pie
  • Reinforce long-term, win-win relationships

In our customer service training, participants learn by doing: a vast majority of the time is spent on hands-on activities,
including role plays tailored to your business. Exercises are practical, realistic, fun and are skill based.

Our results-driven training solutions are available in multiple ways designed around today's various learning styles.

Classroom workshops | Webinars | Coaching (In Person or Virtual) | Custom e-Learning | Online Gaming

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My customer service staff enjoyed this customer service program. Afterwards my team continues to work on improving their customer service skills. I have seen the difference in attitude and performance on the job. We are signing up 20 additional folks for next month. Congratulations and thank you.
Mary Ellen Williger, Customer Service SupervisorHouston, Texas
Thank you for your customer service notes that you sent me after the training program. I used them with my fellow team leaders and the notes really helped us get away from sounding like we were reading from a book. Glad we had the opportunity to attend your program. I appreciate it.
Nancy Idleboser, Customer Service Program DirectorHouston, Texas
Your customer service program was outstanding. We have now signed up more participants for two in house classes by the same instructor who was fantastic.
Henry Sesnarou, Director of Operations and Customer Care Western RegionHouston, Texas
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