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We know you are busy. Yet Customer Service is Crucial! What to do? We are excited to present Virtual Customer Service Skills, instructor led training offered right from your desktop, laptop or mobile device!

Customer Service. It's that top skill that can make or break an interaction with a customer. It's the defining moment that turns a negative experience in to an unforgettably positive one, or vice versa. It's also the stuff that legends are made of, and can be the wasteland where businesses with poor customer service go to die. To develop, maintain and expand business, companies must be able to satisfy a complex and ever-widening set of customer needs. And that is not an easy landscape for employees to maneuver.

Successful service is no longer a matter of mere technical proficiency. Instead, it is a combination of technical expertise, the ability to manage both information and people, and the ability to communicate in a way that makes people feel heard, understood, and valued. Bottom line, it's the magic sauce that every company needs in order to proclaim that they are keeping customers at the center of what they do.

This 3-part virtual course will help you unlock insights into customer needs, empowering you to bring your Customer Service skills to life. By understanding different behavioral styles, you will learn to build genuine chemistry and see your role through the customer's perspective. This unique approach will open the door to providing a deeper level of value for your customer as you strengthen and reinforce a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. And, really, this is what it's all about: relationship.

Each virtual course consists of three 1.5 hour classes held on the three dates shown (at 3pm - 4:30pm CST) online, accessible via an internet enabled device.

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