Putting the "E" in Back in "Customer Service"

Customer Service Training Classes:

Our customer service class teaches by doing with less than 15% lecture and 85% hands on activities. Participants learn by Doing and not by being told. Exercises are practical, realistic, fun and are skill based.

To maximize your customer service teams effectiveness we suggest our custom, private customer service classes offered in house at the location of your choice, usually in groups of 6 or more.

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Class Objectives:

In our Exceptional Customer Service one-day class participants will:

  • Understand how to handle inquiries and/or complaints in ways that create improved, lasting relationships with your customers or clients.
  • Learn to promote positive "chemistry" between your company and your clients by recognizing and responding to the needs of each individual.
  • Learn how to handle doubt, misunderstandings, and objections.
  • Acquire techniques for seeing issues from clients' perspectives, creating value-adding options for clients, and making sure clients recognize the added value they are getting.
  • Learn how to gain agreement from clients and reinforce mutually satisfying long-term relationships.

Customer Service Training:
Customer Service Training Classes: Putting the "E" in Back in "Customer Service"

Employee customer service Training Okay it's a catchy title-if you put the "e" back you get Customer Service. But in this case "e" does not stand for electronic-it stands for "EMPATHY," something you just don't get from electronic gadgets!

So why is empathy so important in the world of customer service? Empathy skills have been shown to be fundamentally important for people in customer service jobs. Empathy is the ability to identify with the feelings and perspectives of others AND to respond appropriately to the feeling and perspectives of others.

But how do you know when someone has empathy skills? Here are four key questions to ask when determining someone's "empathy quotient". Go ahead; try these questions out on yourself:

When I interact with other people I am usually aware of my emotions and know when my "hot buttons" are being pushed - yes/no

When I feel myself getting emotional during a discussion I recognize that I am becoming emotional and am able control myself appropriately - yes/no

When interacting with other people I can usually tell if people are experiencing positive or negative emotions and I adjust my approach accordingly - yes/no

When dealing with other people I can usually picture myself experiencing things from their point of view - yes/no

If you answered yes to all four questions, then congratulations you are probably a pretty empathetic person.

So here is today's HR Tip: If you are responsible for hiring customer service staff, check out their empathy skills by assessing them using the four key empathy questions.

Remember that empathy skills can be learned and the following are some key steps in building empathy skills with the customer service people you already have:

Encourage customer service staff to develop self awareness about their emotional reactions to others under stress. This can be done through feedback from a trainer or coach

Encourage people to practice self control. Again, coaching and training is a great help
Enhance customer service staff's sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others through sensitivity training; this will enable them to more easily understand the customer’s perspective when dealing with tough issues

Remember, empathy is not something that is innate; it is something that needs to be taught, modeled and learned.

Putting the 'e' back into "customer service" can pay off handsomely in building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Source: Kevin Nash: link

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