Customer Service Training in Texas

The Customer Service Training Center offers a variety of Skill Development Seminars that will increase your staff's effectiveness in properly dealing with your customers. Our customer service training seminars, workshops and courses are available throughout both the US and Canada.

“I found the class very useful in knowing how to read and understand what my customers expect. I will be doing an evaluation on this seminar today and will highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues.”

Maria Wilkinson, Sales Administrator
Houston, Texas

Exceptional Customer Service Seminar: Austin ENT

“I really learned a lot about myself and my patients. This was the best seminar of this type I’ve ever attended, and the instructor did an outstanding job.”

Jennifer Armstrong
Registered Nurse
Austin, Texas

“This was the best training session I have ever been through. It was informative, stimulating, and enjoyable, especially the various exercises and scenarios.”

Linda Lopez
Reimbursement Specialist
Austin, Texas

“The entire program was wonderful! Every portion was of the class was wonderful!”

Linda Nichols
Patient Account Specialist
Austin, Texas

“I enjoyed all of the program. It was fun, interesting, and educational.”

Ida Guerrero
Medical Assistant
Austin, Texas

“The class exceeded my expectations. The content was great, specifically the behavioral styles portion, and the instructor was a wonderful speaker.”

Heather Funderburk
Registered Nurse
Austin, Texas

Exceptional Customer Service Seminar: MCFA

“I enjoyed discussing ideas regarding customer options. The instructor was excellent and made the class enjoyable.”

Helen McComber
National Accounts Coordinator
Houston, Texas

“The class was much better than I thought it would be because of the role playing and self-evaluation portions. This was my first experience with Baker, but I have had other training. This class was definitely above par.”

Alison Feicht
Administrative Assistant
Houston, Texas

“It was all good. I am a people-person and it is always good to learn new skills to keep people (customers) happy.”

Diana Rodriguez
Training Administrator
Houston, Texas

“I enjoyed taking the time to introduce ourselves and learning the behavioral styles of everyone in the group. I appreciated and enjoyed the seminar. The instructor was knowledgeable, experienced, articulate, and congenial.”

Carolyn Fannon
Exporting Analyst
Houston, Texas

Customer Service Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars: We also offer customer service training seminars to the general public.

Customer Service Training Programs, Seminars & Workshops are available in the  US and Canada:
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